Rolls Royce Rental Dubai

If traveling around Dubai in style is something you want to try, hardly any other car is more fit for this than a glorious Rolls-Royce. These majestic automobiles have long been associated with high-end luxury and comfort. So, booking a Rolls-Royce rental in Dubai should be at the top of your list of things to undertake in this capital of splendor.

Rolls-Royce Models to Rent in Dubai

Hiring Exotic Cars in the UAE

There are so many exotic cars one has the opportunity to rent in the United Arab Emirates. And you absolutely should consider doing it! The main reason is how much you will pay. No other spot can offer you such great prices on Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, Ferrari, etc. So, if you always wanted to experience being at the wheel of a vehicle with prestige and top status, rent it in Dubai and have the time of your life enjoying all the perks.

Exotic and luxury cars beat other types of vehicles on so many levels. They offer better comfort with smoother vehicle operating and ergonomic seating both for the driver and passengers. You will also get a more exciting driving experience thanks to impressive tech specs and more powerful engines. Lastly, an exotic car often uses state-of-the-art technology to make driving a lot less stressful with voice controls, parking assistance, and innovative security features.

Where to Book a Rental Luxury Car in Dubai

There are several ways of how and where to hire an exotic kind of automobile here. There is an option to choose a vehicle immediately on this website and book the date (or dates). After completing a few more additional steps, your rental is booked!

Another possibility is to contact one of our managers on the specified phone number and they will happily do it all for you. Either option is fast and easy, choose what you prefer.

Our services

Driving a luxury car like Rolls-Royce is an absolutely unique activity for many. Nevertheless, sometimes you need more than just a Rolls-Royce rental in Dubai. Your status might require that you hire a driver. Or, perhaps, your company is expecting business partners and you want to provide them with their own vehicles. We offer a number of additional services that you can get together with your Rolls-Royce rental in Dubai, check them all out.

Airport Transfers

If you don’t want to waste any time trying to catch a taxi from the airport, you can order our airport transfer service. One of our experienced drivers will be waiting at the terminal at the time of landing and can quickly get you to your destination.

Corporate & Business Service

We often work with local corporations and other businesses. We will provide you with luxury cars and experienced drivers for your next corporate event. Or will offer business-class vehicles to your guests and business partners.

Weekend Trips or City Breaks

Do you have only a couple of days in Dubai? You can still have the time of your life and we can help you with that! We are offering a weekend trip or city break arrangement service to help you get the most of your time in Dubai. Contact us to learn more.

Luxurious Wedding Car Hire in Dubai

Book a Rolls-Royce for your wedding day and we guarantee that you’ll have the greatest memories afterward! We make sure all of our vehicles are in first-rate condition, we will happily decorate them with flowers and colours that you have picked for the wedding and provide the most competent driver before the rental starts.

Rent a Rolls-Royce with Driver

There are many reasons why you might need a driver and if you need one, we are always ready to oblige. We carefully select drivers that we hire. This way, we make sure they have excellent skills and city knowledge, are polite and punctual.

Frequently Asked Questions on Rolls Royce Rental Dubai

Tips for hiring a car in Dubai

How do I go about renting a Rolls-Royce?

Our car rental agency has a very intuitive and straightforward procedure for any Rolls-Royce rentee:

  1. One should make sure they have a valid license that is acceptable here and are 21 and older.
  2. Pick the make and model and check if it is open to booking when you plan to rent it.
  3. Provide the required information (dates, any additional services, type of insurance, etc.).

Now you can pick a Rolls-Royce up on the day.

What types of Rolls-Royce vehicles are available for hire?

There are at least four popular Rolls-Royce wheels to hire. Here you can find them all, including some convertible variants, in a variety of colours. Do you have any specific wishes or requirements about the motor you desire to book? You will definitely find something here. Remember that we provide only well-maintained cars to hire.

What's included in the rental cost?

It comprises up to 250 km daily or 5,000 km monthly limit, default insurance (you will not have to pay in case of an accident only if the police confirm that you weren’t the one to cause it), delivery directly to the office or airport. Also, your vehicle will be delivered gassed-up and you will also have to drop it off with the full tank.

How much is it to rent a Rolls-Royce for a day?

In case you'd like to hire this car with default insurance and no extra services, a daily rental will start at about 2,600 AED (700 USD).